Can You Smoke On A Traeger? [1-Minute Read]

Thinking about buying a Traeger? Want to know what they’re capable of? Wondering if you can smoke on a Traeger?

Here’s what I can tell you from experience:

You can indeed smoke on a Traeger. Traeger grills are also known as Traeger smokers. Unlike traditional charcoal or gas grills, Traegers burn wood pellets to produce heat and smoke. In fact, they output very large volumes of smoke. Cooking with the lid closed concentrates the smoke inside the cooking chamber. Long cooking times, at lower temperatures, encourage the smoke to permeate your food and impart it with the characteristic smoky flavor only pellet grills can deliver.

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I’m Glen, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary passion for grilling. I was recently gifted a Traeger wood pellet grill for my birthday. I knew little about setting up, operating, cooking with, or maintaining a Traeger grill. I started this website to document my findings as I learn to "master the flames".

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