I’m Glen, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary passion for grilling.

Who Am I?

My family has owned steak houses for over 3 generations. I grew up in a restaurant, where I used to help my grandfather and uncles prepare great-tasting food for customers. I even owned a restaurant a few years ago.

I also have a background in maintenance and electronics (I used to be a manufacturing technician). So, I know a thing or two about cooking and have the technical knowledge to spot well-engineered, well-built kit when I see it!

I was recently gifted a Traeger wood pellet grill for my birthday. I soon realized that I knew little about setting up, operating, cooking with, or maintaining a Traeger grill. I had never owned one or cooked with one before!

Why Did I Start This Blog?

So, I started this website to document my findings as I learn about Traeger grills (aka Traeger smokers), and cooking outdoors. This resource might be helpful if you’re new to the wood pellet grilling game.

This website contains several informational articles and how-to guides about buying, operating, cooking with, and maintaining Traeger wood pellet grills and smokers, as well as articles covering different types of wood pellets and wood chips.

As you would expect, I’ve also included some reviews and comparisons of the most popular Traeger grill models to help you choose the best-suited product for your backyard, budget, and cooking style.

And because Traeger grills are only as good as what you cook on them, I’ve also assembled a smashing collection of curated recipes to help you prepare mouth-watering meats and sides.

Why Trust Me?

I give you my honest – yet inevitably biased opinion in this blog. I’m only human, after all.

I review and recommend based on my impressions, tastes, and emotions. But it doesn’t end there.

I also carry out in-depth research. I immerse myself in online communities to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly. I visit showrooms to inspect the products I can’t buy. I try out the products I can buy or access through friends and family. I interview pitmasters to understand what equipment and techniques they use. And I also listen to everyday people who, like me, have a passion for grilling. I package all that knowledge into my posts to help YOU, my reader.

So now that you know what I have in store for you, let’s get that pellet grill smoking!



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