How Much Is The Traeger At Costco?

Traeger grills are brilliant products. Powered by wood pellets, they evenly cook food. These pellets also provide the food with additional flavor, giving you smoky-tasting foods.

Plus, Traeger is a well-respected brand in the industry, having garnered this reputation after decades of pleasing customers.

How Much Is The Traeger At Costco?

If you are purchasing one of these products, you should shop around. Doing so allows you to see how much different stores charge for these Traeger grills.

Consequently, you can find a brilliant bargain.

One of the most popular places to buy a Traeger grill is Costco. This is because the store sells a few different Traeger models for affordable prices. But just how much do they cost? Find out below.

How Much is a Traeger at Costco?

The prices at Traeger grills at Costco can vary. This is because prices will change over time, with some products occasionally being included in deals.

Moreover, the price will be reliant on which model of Traeger grill you want. This is because some models are more advanced than others and will, therefore, be sold at different prices.

Moreover, if you are ordering your grill online, you may need to factor delivery fees into the cost. Since these items are quite large, delivery fees can be rather expensive.

To give you an estimate of the cost, we have included some of the leading Traeger models sold at Costco.

You should bear in mind that these prices are subject to change. The Traeger grills sold at Costco include:

Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34: $599.99

This is a brilliant grill with a sturdy design. It features two thick legs, giving the grill extra stability. The temperature control on this grill is terrific, with increments of 25 degrees.

It also features a big hopper, meaning that you won’t have to constantly replace the pellets. With a cooking space of 646 square inches, you will be able to cook a decent amount of food with this grill.

Also available at:Traeger

Traeger Fremont Wood Pellet Grill: $649.99

This product is exclusive to Costco, so you won’t be able to find it elsewhere. In terms of its features, the Fremont has a hopper capacity of 18lb.

Its cooking space might be smaller than some of the other Traeger grills, but the 520 square inches area is nonetheless sufficient for cooking for small groups.

Traeger Silverton 620 Pellet Grill: $899.99

This is one of the most expensive Traeger models and for good reason! It allows users to cook in a variety of styles, including smoking, barbecuing, and grilling.

A standout feature of this grill is the convenient shelving, giving users space to prepare food. It comes with a storage cabinet, where you can store all of your cooking essentials. 

With a cooking space of 620 square inches, this may not be the biggest grill in terms of cooking capacity. However, if you are searching for storage and preparation space, this model is perfect.

Since this product is exclusive to Costco, the only other place that you can get it is from the Traeger website.

Is it Worth Getting a Traeger Grill From Costco?

As you can tell, these prices are quite competitive. If you look elsewhere, these grills will likely be sold at higher prices. 

The main downside with purchasing from Costo is that they do not have the widest range of Traeger products.

While the range is decent, you can find a better range elsewhere, such as from the Traeger website itself. Moreover, other stores, such as Walmart, have a better selection of Traeger cookers.

Ultimately, the question of whether or not it is worth getting a Traeger product from Costco can only be answered by you.

Whilst you can get some great bargains from this establishment, the grills can still be quite an expensive investment.

Therefore, you must consider whether you can justify the expense based on how much you will use the grill.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Traeger Grill?

If you are eager to buy a Traeger grill, numerous factors will affect your purchase. For instance, you must consider where you intend to buy the grill from.

You should also think about which model you want. To help make your decision, we have broken down some of the main influencing factors.

You should carefully consider the following elements:

The Price

Outdoor pellet grills can be expensive purchases, ofter costing over $500. As a result, you must find a grill that is within your budget.

Thankfully, some cheaper alternatives are still high-quality products. For instance, the Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34 offers tons of cooking space despite its cheaper price.

You can also take advantage of deals to ensure that you find a product that is suitably priced.

The Cooking Space

Cooking space refers to the amount of grill space available. The more cooking space you have, the more food you can cook at once.

Therefore, if you plan on hosting parties and want to cook for large groups, you will need a substantial cooking space.

Meanwhile, if you only plan on cooking for a small family, you can settle for a grill with less cooking space.

The Hopper Capacity

The hopper is where the wood pellets are stored. Unless you wish to replenish the pellets constantly, you will need a hopper with a large capacity.

Plus, you should find a hopper that can conveniently be emptied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Return a Traeger to Costco?

For most cooking appliances, you will have 90 days to return a product to Costco. So if you are unhappy with your grill, you should be able to return it.

Are Traeger Grills Good?

Yes! Traeger has become one of the leading names in the pellet grill industry because its products are of exceptional quality.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to buy a Traeger grill, then Costco will be an outstanding option. They offer reasonably priced products, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on your grill.

Plus, they provide a few different models for you to choose from!


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