Can I Leave Pellets In Traeger Hopper?

When it comes to the pellets in your grill, you will want to make sure that you look after them to ensure you not only keep the grill working efficiently, but also look after your health, too.

You will find that if the wood pellets are good, the food that your Traeger cooks is delicious as well.

Can I Leave Pellets In Traeger Hopper?

This is because the smoke will be as fresh as the pellets, making sure that you grill the tastiest food possible.

So, can you leave the pellets in the Traeger hopper? Yes, and no.

There are a few things that determine whether you should or shouldn’t leave wood pellets in the hopper between cooking, and we’re here to tell you what they are.

So, read on to find out more about leaving wood pellets inside the hopper.

Should You Leave Pellets In A Traeger Hopper?

According to Traeger, leaving wood pellets in the hopper is fine for around 1 whole week.

Generally, you shouldn’t come to any harm if you leave wood pellets inside a hopper for a short amount of time, and there is the possibility of storing them for longer than a week.

However, there are a few things to think about before doing so, after all, it can be a lot of effort to remove and replace wood pellets every time you use your Traeger grill.

The quality of the wood pellets matter too, as well as where you store the Traeger grill itself.

If you buy wood pellets that are made from quality wood, then you might find that they generally absorb a low amount of moisture without becoming ruined.

They also might stay in one piece better too. If you have ever seen ruined wood pellets, you will know how terrible they can look.

Saying all this, if you really want to look after the wood pellets and make sure they are fresh to use each time, then think about removing them once you are finished using your Traeger grill.

Is There An Amount Of Time To Store Wood Pellets In A Hopper?

If you plan on storing your wood pellets in the hopper between uses, avoid going for general brands.

Find wood pellets that have a premium feel, and that are less likely to crumble and become ruined easily – though none are incapable of turning into unusable pellets.

You will want to also think about where you store the Traeger grill.

If you leave it outside uncovered, then you should be thinking about protecting the grill from the environment anyway, but covering the grill will protect the hopper from something like rain.

Moisture is the enemy of wood pellets, so this is something you will want to keep away from it. If you can, cover the grill and place it somewhere like a garage.

Though, do remember they can be quite heavy to keep moving.

Doing so might mean you can keep the wood pellets in the hopper for around 2 weeks to a month or so, though the longer you keep them in the hopper, the higher the risk they will become ruined – or at least less fresh.

Even so, if you are planning to use your Traeger grill for a month or two, then it is best to just clear them out.

By the time a couple of months have passed, no doubt you will want to use fresh wood pellets anyway.

How Should You Store Pellets Outside In Between Uses?

How Should You Store Pellets Outside In Between Uses?

There is an easy solution to storing wood pellets safely, and without the risk of moisture attacking them.

To do so, open the door that gives you access to the hopper and empty the wood pellets into a plastic tub or plastic bag.

Once the wood pellets have been retrieved from the hopper and it is empty, seal the bucket or the bag and make sure no moisture can get in.

This means the seal needs to be tight. Now you can store these wood pellets for months, and access them when you need them.

Just make sure that you do not place the wood pellets near a door, window or damp room which might bring the moisture through to them.

Quick Tips: How To Store Wood Pellets In A Hopper The Right Way

Whilst we have spoken about whether or not you should store wood pellets in the hopper between uses, if you do plan to, here are some quick tips to look over and have a think about:


Along with covering the Traeger grill, you will also want to store it properly.

Whilst you can leave it outside, it is always much better to move it into a garage, or even a shed.

If you do not have any of these places available, then a veranda would be a good option.


When you are not using your Traeger grill, you will need to cover it.

This is because it isn’t waterproof, and if you have wood pellets stored in the hopper, you will want to make sure that no moisture can get to them.

Taking care of your Traeger will mean that it will last longer, and work extra efficiently.

If you don’t look after it, things may go wrong, it can break, and the warranty will become useless.

You can use different materials to cover it, from canvas and nylon, to a vinyl that is super heavy duty.

Just make sure that it isn’t either too big or too small, otherwise you still risk moisture getting in.


If the environment you live in is quite humid, then you will want to do everything necessary to protect the Traeger grill and any wood pellets.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to leave wood pellets in your Traeger grill hopper, then it is possible if you keep them dry.

However, if you do plan on not using your Traeger grill for a couple or so months, then it will be better just to remove them.


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